Stone & Granite Kerbs (Reclaimed)

12″ Faced Winston Stone Kerbs
Slate Grey Coloured
12″ x 6″
Random lengths all taken from same job s...
16″ Faced Granite Kerb With a drain away line in the centre
Size is 16″ Wide x 6″-8″ Deep
Random Length All Com...
Lovely Stone Planters originally stone kerbs
they have been cut out to make beautiful planters
random sizes
contact us for more i...
Lovely Batch Of Granite Kerbs 6″ Across The Face by 12″ Deep
Random Length’s
£7.50 Per Foot + Vat
Beautiful Rose Coloured Lancashire Granite Kerb Stones 12″ x 6″
12″ (Wide) x 6″-8″ Deep
All Been Taken Up...
6″ Face 12″ Deep
Random Lenghs
All Taken From Same Job
£7.50 Per Ft
12″ Face x 6″ Deep Also Available In 10″ Face X 6″ Deep
Random Lengths
All Taken From The Same Job
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